Abercorran Farm is a very scenic area in the middle of Llandawke about 2 miles from the famous Laugharne Castle and the area that Dylan Thomas grew up in.

On Abercorran Farm there is a large variety of different animals, plenty of scenic walking routes and plenty to do around and near the farm, why not go to the Castle or even to Pendine Beach famous for the land speed record, or even visit Oakwood Theme Park and Folly Farm only 15 miles away (That's just 30 minutes in the car!) plenty to do in the area and why not come back and relax in a luxurious modern cottage with everything you could need inside? 

The farm consists of 18 acres small holding so plenty of space for you to come with the family and even your pet and enjoy it all!

There is a vast amount of scenery here in the farm including all the hills and with the spectacular clear skies here its an amazing view whether it be walking through the mountains, down the river or even star gazing at night the clear skies last all day round, when the weather is nice!

There is a wide variety of different animals here from Owls to our newly arrived Piglets, there's an animal for everyone if its horses or eagles or llamas you want to see there is plenty here for you and the family to enjoy!

We are forever expanding, with the additions of our new Piglets to our next project of a fishing lake if you enjoy a spot of fishing we are always open to ideas and always look to make Abercorran Farm an even more excited and fun filled place to come on your holidays!


​We have a large selection of different breeds of Owls ranging from Ural Owls to European Eagle Owls to Wood Owls and many many more, we currently host around 8+ different breeds of owls from 2ft wing spans up to a 6ft wing span (That's more than the average height of a human wide!)




We have 3 different types of ponies, two Section A horses and a Shetland Pony, they are very friendly and love lots of attention from anybody that comes here! 



We have a Stepp Eagle here also with a wingspan of approximately 2.1 metres (which is why she needs the biggest avary of them all!) she is a beautiful creature and perfectly tame!


Being our newest addition to the farm are our Kune Kune Pigs, we have 7 of them and they're friendly as anything, just be careful not to scare them as they are a barrel of nervs but are very curious and will do their best to get as close to you as possible even if it means standing on their brothers and sisters but they are very cheeky animals and will have the kids laughing like crazy at them!

We have 5 Alpacas on the farm that love to roam around and do pretty much whatever they want! You'll usually see them walking around with eachother in a pack and they are the friendliest animals you will ever come across, very inquisitive and love to come and greet the guests here at Abercorran Farm, they also love being fed carrots and apples!



Another new edition to the farm is our Golden Pheasants! We have around 6 of them 1 male and 5 females, the male will show a very colourful display throughout the summer and will appear golden hence the name! 


We have 3 different types of breeds of Hawk, including a pair of Fuggerous Hawks, a paid of Redtail Hawks and one Harris Hawk that goes by the name of Nelly! You're guaranteed to hear them on your stay as they never shut up!  



Another project we are planning on undergoing in due time is a Moutain Bike track, free of charge while staying in one of our luxury cottages why not bring you and your kids bikes with you on holiday and having a ride around our mountain bike track? This is a project that we currently don't have a time frame on but will be here eventually!


We have 2 goats that also love to roam around on the farm, sometimes they get mistaken and think that they are Alpacas, very timid animals but have a cheeky streak to them, they are both twins so get up to all kinds of mischieve together but you'll see them around plenty if you come to Abercorran Farm!



Our Peacocks are another one of our animals that isnt shy for attention, you might even wake up with a Peacock on your decking! They will also show a colourful display if you're lucky enough and you might even see their tail feathers come out which are up to a meter long!



Our current project is our Unique disabled Fishing Lake, we hope to create access so that even the less abled bodied people can have fun and go for a spot of fishing. We hope to have a range of Koi Carp in it and maybe more we don't know yet as this is still a project in development!